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Introduction is a completely free, open source low code platform designed to help make the process of bringing an application to life easy!

Our low-code business process automation system allows you to create business applications quickly, with no programming knowledge required. It starts with an open source dynamic form builder, a drag-and-drop user interface tool that allows you to create functional front-end web forms. You can easily configure the rules and business processes that will be triggered when the form is submitted by the user.

Then, you’ll set up the back-end, using’s open source low code identity management framework to configure user roles and levels of access for every step of the form’s workflow.

Using our powerful open source low code workflow engine, you can build workflows for your organization that are ready to attach to forms in It’s easy to set user roles and create tasks that your team can use to easily review form submissions and administer the approval process.

Just like that – your new application is ready to deploy on top public cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, GCP and on your own private infrastructure.

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